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Custom Concrete Countertops


Fireplace Features

Your Kitchen. Your Living Room. Your Bathroom. Your Own. 

At Concrete Countertops By Pete, we take pride in our customer service. Communication is key for the success of our business. We make sure to take the time and talk everything over with our clients. This ensures us all that you’re getting the product that you desire. 


Meet Pete

Pete has been around concrete construction since an early age. His father has worked 30+ years in concrete and has built his company over the last two decades. Pete has worked in concrete for 7 years, but it’s the last 3 years that made the biggest impact on his perception of concrete. “I didn’t care for concrete when I started out, it was just a job to me. But once I learned the craft, I started to love the beauty of concrete. I realized that the more I learned, the more it felt like an art to me”. Pete goes on to talk about the possibilities of concrete. “I started to explore the many ways concrete could be used, other than a driveway, sidewalk, wall etc. For weeks I scrolled through the internet and was amazed at all of the concrete countertops, sinks, furniture and outdoor fire pits that professionals were creating by hand. I eventually discovered the Concrete Countertop Institute. I read that they offer classes that go on for an entire week and I immediately signed up”. That’s when Pete discovered GFRC. “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is amazing. My instructor, Jeffery Girard, is a Civil Engineer and he is all about GFRC. I can take something that is naturally brittal, add to its characteristics and then create a piece that will bend before it breaks! I mean, you can literally see it bend with your own eyes! This allows me to make concrete into practically any shape I want. Not to mention the variations of pigments that can be used in just one piece”. 
Pete has since decided that he will put 100% of his focus towards #CreativeConcrete for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and outdoor features. 


About the Concrete Countertop Institute


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